JumpStart Program

The DTSOF JumpStart Program is your first step after your initial session with a coach. This program is designed to help you start where you are so that you can accomplish your goals at step by step and at YOUR pace.

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Step 1 - Training Sessions

The Journey begins with a 1-on-1 session with a professional coach. Here you will talk goals, expectations, and undergo a small fitness evaluation to determine the best course to help you accomplish your goals.

After your fitness evaluation, you will undergo 1-10 personal training sessions based upon your individual goals.

This could include but not limited to:

  • Joining our DT60 Group Classes
  • At Home Custom Programming
  • Sport Specific Programming
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Step 2 - Nutrition Consultation and Body Scan Analysis

As a part of your JumpStart Program, you have a free consultation with our in house nutritionist.

Nutrition Consultation includes:

  • Body Scan analysis - our state of the art Fit3D scanner gives real-time information about you.  It measures BMR, Body Fat, exact body measurements, health risks as determined by your age, weight, height and other risk factors. 
  • Our nutritionist then uses this information from you body scan and your personal goals to shape a plan that is just right for you. 
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